Monday, June 16, 2014

Silent Knight

I decided to revisit an old super hero idea of mine... 

           Silent Knight is an aging character hybrid between Batman and Ironman. With the help of his past military connections, he develops the mechanical stealth suit later in life when his body isn't as strong as it used to be. Although, he doesn't have super powers, he is the father and grandfather of both super heroes and villains. Most of which, resent him for their neglected childhood. But, he's lived the life of a lone wolf for so long now, it does not bother him anymore. So, he puts on a suit and goes to work.

I was playing with the design of the blast flames to show that they would be more like a type of energized particle displacer. So, the after burn wouldn't actually produce heat or noise, just an ultra-violet light.

I designed a ghost flame on top of the helmet to resemble the plume that stuck out of the top of old knight helmets. I added the shield and lance to try to complete the entire image of an old knight.

some other suit ideas that I tried.

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