Wednesday, July 2, 2014

the children of Silent Knight

             In the last post, I wrote that Silent Knight was the father and grandfather of both super heroes and villains. This is the first generation of superheroes to grow up in a world where the lines are blurred in the matters of good and evil.

 Arthur was the first child born to Tidal Crest and Silent Knight.

          Silent Knight met Tidal Crest while they were doing hero work with the League of Super Heroes. Shortly after the birth of Arthur, the League fell into civil unrest and was eventually disbanded due to the conflicting opinions and views of a super's place in the social order of day to day life. In short, "Are we humans, or are we Gods? Super heroes around the world were left divided and alone to defend themselves against the soon to come supers' war.  Knowing that war was coming, Tidal Crest left to be with her nation's people in Atlantis and took Arthur with her. Silent Knight did not go because outsiders were not allowed.

 Aaron was the second child born to Crusader and Silent Knight.

            Silent Knight took Crusader under his wing when her former super team sided with the enemy at the dawn of the Gauntlet of the Gods, the supers' war. After the birth of Aaron, Arthur returned to live with his dad. Atlantis had come under attack in the war and Tidal Crest thought he would be safer living under his dad's civilian alias. Aaron's mom was a good and noble super. She and Silent Knight, fought the Gauntlet valiantly, and many of their actions were key to its' abrupt ending. Unfortunately, Crusader was killed in battle by Voltage Vortex. Aaron was 4 years old. The city where she did most of her hero work built a memorial statue in her honor. It still stands there today.

           Felicity was the third child born to Falcon Fury and Silent Knight.

             Silent Knight married Falcon Fury after she became pregnant with their daughter, Felicity. Crusader had been gone for several years now and the pain of her death was still sharp. After the birth of Felicity,  the Alliance of Super Citizens, the new super league, pardoned those who were responsible for starting the Gauntlet, Voltage Vortex was one of them. From then on, Silent Knight spent most his time tracking and hunting down the alter-egos of the pardoned supers. He did this without the knowledge of the Alliance or his family. And so, Felicity's dad wasn't at home for much of her early childhood. When Falcon Fury became suspicious of her absent husband and the disappearance of so many pardoned supers, she threatened to turn him over to the Alliance if he didn't stop and spend more time at home with his daughter. Silent Knight agreed. But, his time at home only magnified the rift between he and his wife. He was emotionally unavailable and Falcon Fury was growing bored with family life. She took flight for excitement and left Felicity in his care.

         Patrick was the fourth child born to Emerald Enchantress and Silent Knight.

           Silent Knight met Emerald Enchantress after her people arrived from another dimension and revealed their magical society to the Alliance. Her knowledge of the past events in the Gauntlet were minimal and this brought comfort to Silent Knight. She was someone he could love without the worry of his past poisoning that love. Someone he could trust, someone he could start over with. Because of the nature of her magical order, their hero work existed on a universal level, requiring her to travel between dimensions for months, sometimes years at a time. And sometimes, too far for even her magic to carry Silent Knight with her.

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