Monday, July 7, 2014

2nd Generation

                         The children of Silent Knight grow up to be parents, as well. And give the world a second generation of supers 
that will only further blend the differences between good and evil.

(oldest to youngest)
  Tidal Crest (grandma), Aquario (dad), Gunakadeit (mom), Hydron, Angler, Mesuline, and Kelpie.

           Aquario met Gunakadeit, years before they married, when he lived in Atlantis during the first years of the Gauntlet. She was from the neighboring underwater city of Caspiana and her people had taken refuge in Atlantis after their home was destroyed. Aquario and Gunakadeit were reunited at the Alliance of Super Citizens and rekindled a very close friendship that grew into love. 
          Of their four children, Hydron is the strongest. He takes after his father in that he can also separate and accelerate the hydrogen atoms from the water. At the age of 14, he earned his stripes while fighting along side mom and dad in the battle to reclaim Atlantis. He is now seen by his people as one of the Champions of Atlantis. 

(oldest to youngest)
Ares (dad), Solaris (mom), Ra,  and the sonic twins; Long Tom and Cannonball.

         Ares met his wife, Solaris, through the Alliance. She was close friends with Flicker and would sometimes join them in their hero work. She always had a big crush on Ares, but rarely let it show for fear of being scolded by Flicker. But, when Flicker was working at her day job, and out of the picture, the two were allowed to let their romance blossom.
         Their oldest son, Ra, not only breathes fire like Ares, but also, engulfs his entire body in fire during battle. This chars and blisters his skin, but he has a quick healing gene, like his mom. He chose the name of the egyptian god of the sun in the same way his father chose the name of the greek god of war. They both view themselves as god-like beings rather than humans and thus mis-treat other people like one would. This opinion appears to be the mentality of their entire family and was a similar opinion that sparked the Gauntlet over five decades ago.

(oldest to youngest)
Falcon Fury (grandma), Flicker (mom), Flex-Stretch (dad), Torch, and Tri-Fi.
          Flicker met Flex-Stretch while he was still robbing liquor stores and stealing wallets out of peoples' pockets from 6 blocks away. Not villainous enough to get the Alliance's attention, but still not ok. Often times she let him go just so she could have the fun of chasing him down and catching him again. The two began dating and after a little editing and polishing (lying) on his resume, Flicker got him a membership to the Alliance. Flex was now a legitimate super, and so, they would frequently refer to this by saying: "your mom always could raise a redwood from a weeping willow". This always disgusted their children when it was said in front of them because it was usually meant with sexual innuendo. 
         Torch is their oldest and most promising child. The Alliance has had their eye on her for a while and they have already included her in a few jr. super programs. She possess the powers from both parents and grows stronger in these by the year.

(oldest to youngest)
Silent Knight, Emerald Enchantress, Hat-Trick, Rose, Soft-Snout, and Kerry James

          Hat-Trick never made the time to settle down, so he doesn't have any children, yet. He feels as if his three imaginary friends are like his children. He created each one as a child, himself, and they have grown with him through the years. He knows each of their minds as if they were his own ( because they are ) and they know every memory of his. Rose, being the oldest of these manifestations, is the closest and most in synchronization with Hat-Trick. He surrounds himself around Hat-Trick like an exo-suit, mimicking his every move to protect him from all harm. 
         Although, Hat-Trick doesn't do hero work anymore, he puts on the cloak one more time and convinces Emerald Enchantress (mom) to return to Earth's dimension when Silent Knight comes out of retirement to bring an end to the family feud.

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