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Silent Knight, chapter 1 : A Hero's Wake

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2nd Generation

                         The children of Silent Knight grow up to be parents, as well. And give the world a second generation of supers 
that will only further blend the differences between good and evil.

(oldest to youngest)
  Tidal Crest (grandma), Aquario (dad), Gunakadeit (mom), Hydron, Angler, Mesuline, and Kelpie.

           Aquario met Gunakadeit, years before they married, when he lived in Atlantis during the first years of the Gauntlet. She was from the neighboring underwater city of Caspiana and her people had taken refuge in Atlantis after their home was destroyed. Aquario and Gunakadeit were reunited at the Alliance of Super Citizens and rekindled a very close friendship that grew into love. 
          Of their four children, Hydron is the strongest. He takes after his father in that he can also separate and accelerate the hydrogen atoms from the water. At the age of 14, he earned his stripes while fighting along side mom and dad in the battle to reclaim Atlantis. He is now seen by his people as one of the Champions of Atlantis. 

(oldest to youngest)
Ares (dad), Solaris (mom), Ra,  and the sonic twins; Long Tom and Cannonball.

         Ares met his wife, Solaris, through the Alliance. She was close friends with Flicker and would sometimes join them in their hero work. She always had a big crush on Ares, but rarely let it show for fear of being scolded by Flicker. But, when Flicker was working at her day job, and out of the picture, the two were allowed to let their romance blossom.
         Their oldest son, Ra, not only breathes fire like Ares, but also, engulfs his entire body in fire during battle. This chars and blisters his skin, but he has a quick healing gene, like his mom. He chose the name of the egyptian god of the sun in the same way his father chose the name of the greek god of war. They both view themselves as god-like beings rather than humans and thus mis-treat other people like one would. This opinion appears to be the mentality of their entire family and was a similar opinion that sparked the Gauntlet over five decades ago.

(oldest to youngest)
Falcon Fury (grandma), Flicker (mom), Flex-Stretch (dad), Torch, and Tri-Fi.
          Flicker met Flex-Stretch while he was still robbing liquor stores and stealing wallets out of peoples' pockets from 6 blocks away. Not villainous enough to get the Alliance's attention, but still not ok. Often times she let him go just so she could have the fun of chasing him down and catching him again. The two began dating and after a little editing and polishing (lying) on his resume, Flicker got him a membership to the Alliance. Flex was now a legitimate super, and so, they would frequently refer to this by saying: "your mom always could raise a redwood from a weeping willow". This always disgusted their children when it was said in front of them because it was usually meant with sexual innuendo. 
         Torch is their oldest and most promising child. The Alliance has had their eye on her for a while and they have already included her in a few jr. super programs. She possess the powers from both parents and grows stronger in these by the year.

(oldest to youngest)
Silent Knight, Emerald Enchantress, Hat-Trick, Rose, Soft-Snout, and Kerry James

          Hat-Trick never made the time to settle down, so he doesn't have any children, yet. He feels as if his three imaginary friends are like his children. He created each one as a child, himself, and they have grown with him through the years. He knows each of their minds as if they were his own ( because they are ) and they know every memory of his. Rose, being the oldest of these manifestations, is the closest and most in synchronization with Hat-Trick. He surrounds himself around Hat-Trick like an exo-suit, mimicking his every move to protect him from all harm. 
         Although, Hat-Trick doesn't do hero work anymore, he puts on the cloak one more time and convinces Emerald Enchantress (mom) to return to Earth's dimension when Silent Knight comes out of retirement to bring an end to the family feud.

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1st Generation

            A super's name is not the one they are given at birth, but the one they choose when they reach the age of reason. These are the names of the children of Silent Knight.

(from oldest to youngest) -
Aquario, Ares, Flicker and Hat-Trick

            Aquario possesses the power to create and manipulate water. This ability grows more powerful over the years, when he discovers how to separate the hydrogen atoms from the oxygen and accelerate them to explosive potential. He is a character hybrid of Aquaman and Gambit.

         Ares' powers are the embodiment of the word super human. He is incredibly strong, he can fly and he breaths fire. The last power contributes to his charred, black teeth. Although, he has super human abilities, he is still human. A bullet will not kill him, but it will pierce his skin. He is a character hybrid of Hawkman and Superman.

         Flicker possesses the power of flight and the ability to emit a burning, hot light that blinds anyone who looks at it. This light will not blind her because of her orange and black eyes. They were something she was self conscious of as a child but now just another thing she has grown to embrace. Her similarities to Ares' abilities are what make them very close siblings as they grow up. She is a character hybrid of Black Canary and Pheonix.

Noun: hat trick - three consecutive scores by one player or three scores in one game.

          Hat-Trick's powers allow him to create anything he can imagine. However, he's limited to the creation of only three charms at a time. So, while most super heroes choose their own names, Hat-Trick, was a nickname from his siblings. The three charms he manifests most often are his three most loyal imaginary friends: Roosevelt ( or Rose, for short ) the teddy bear from his childhood; Soft-Snout, the dog he always wanted; and Kerry James, a guy kind of like his own Tyler Durden. The flying carpet was a birthday gift from mom. Hat-Trick is a character hybrid of Doctor Strange and Green Lantern.

( 30 years later ... )

 Aquario was the only child old enough to do hero work with Silent Knight before he retired. So like his dad, he still takes his work very seriously. He lived on land while he was doing hero work in the city. But, some years later he led the fight to reclaim Atlantis for his people. They had become refugees in their own home after it was lost in the Treaty of the Gauntlet. Now he resides there as its' ruler. The Alliance of Super Citizens were outraged by his violation of the treaty and did not support his intentions to rebuild his home. Aquario is no longer considered a member of the Alliance. Now, he rarely comes ashore and only in the moonlight. The sea is his domain.

 Although, Ares was trained by Silent Knight, he did all of his early hero work under Aquario's wing. They were effective and often successful, whenever they could get along. But, Ares always had a tendency to take things too far. There were times when battles were almost lost solely because the two were in disagreement of shoot 'em down or lock 'em up. Even the addition of Flicker could not ease the friction between them. This led to Aquario doing more solo work while Ares and Flicker patrolled the skies. Ares now lives downtown in a home the city pays for. He's been able to make his hero work his only job, therefore, abandoning any use of his civilian identity. He rarely takes off the cape and tights anymore, he says they've just become who he is. And because, the city pays for his amenities, this luxury comes at a price of absolute obedience to those who write the checks. The papers may still write his hero story, but some members of the Alliance just see him as a mercenary.

 Flicker received her training from both Aquario and Ares when she joined their hero work. Despite being a powerful super, she was fickle when choosing sides in their arguments. Often times her decision was not based on which one was right or wrong, but which one she thought had the most chance of winning. When Aquario went solo, she and Ares continued to fly side by side. They still team up to do work, but since Ares gained government sponsorship, they are seen together less often. Some of this is due to Felicity's (Flicker's) day job as a news anchor of a television and radio show that promotes the opinions and sometimes, propaganda of the Alliance. She now reports on hero work around the world, and withholds the stories that are not in accordance with the image that the Alliance wants to have.

Hat-Trick was the last to leave home. And so, during his teenage years of development, he was able to get some one on one time with dad. Silent Knight used this time to focus on training Hat-Trick's mind, rather than his body. He wanted him to have the mind of a detective, instead of a soldier. Ofcoarse, there was some physical training, but most of the time that was when Aquario would come to visit and contribute a lesson or two to Hat-Trick's education. In his studies, Hat-Trick  gravitated toward the subjects of philosophy and law. This was a stepping stone to him receiving his law degree and starting his own practice in the heart of the city, all while writing several books that commentate on the social order of supers who think they're above or beneath the legal system. Hat-Trick did some hero work under the wing of Aquario, but discovered he really didn't want to make it his life, like the others did. He preferred making a difference while standing before a judge and jury. And so, when the Alliance offered him a membership, he declined.

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the children of Silent Knight

             In the last post, I wrote that Silent Knight was the father and grandfather of both super heroes and villains. This is the first generation of superheroes to grow up in a world where the lines are blurred in the matters of good and evil.

 Arthur was the first child born to Tidal Crest and Silent Knight.

          Silent Knight met Tidal Crest while they were doing hero work with the League of Super Heroes. Shortly after the birth of Arthur, the League fell into civil unrest and was eventually disbanded due to the conflicting opinions and views of a super's place in the social order of day to day life. In short, "Are we humans, or are we Gods? Super heroes around the world were left divided and alone to defend themselves against the soon to come supers' war.  Knowing that war was coming, Tidal Crest left to be with her nation's people in Atlantis and took Arthur with her. Silent Knight did not go because outsiders were not allowed.

 Aaron was the second child born to Crusader and Silent Knight.

            Silent Knight took Crusader under his wing when her former super team sided with the enemy at the dawn of the Gauntlet of the Gods, the supers' war. After the birth of Aaron, Arthur returned to live with his dad. Atlantis had come under attack in the war and Tidal Crest thought he would be safer living under his dad's civilian alias. Aaron's mom was a good and noble super. She and Silent Knight, fought the Gauntlet valiantly, and many of their actions were key to its' abrupt ending. Unfortunately, Crusader was killed in battle by Voltage Vortex. Aaron was 4 years old. The city where she did most of her hero work built a memorial statue in her honor. It still stands there today.

           Felicity was the third child born to Falcon Fury and Silent Knight.

             Silent Knight married Falcon Fury after she became pregnant with their daughter, Felicity. Crusader had been gone for several years now and the pain of her death was still sharp. After the birth of Felicity,  the Alliance of Super Citizens, the new super league, pardoned those who were responsible for starting the Gauntlet, Voltage Vortex was one of them. From then on, Silent Knight spent most his time tracking and hunting down the alter-egos of the pardoned supers. He did this without the knowledge of the Alliance or his family. And so, Felicity's dad wasn't at home for much of her early childhood. When Falcon Fury became suspicious of her absent husband and the disappearance of so many pardoned supers, she threatened to turn him over to the Alliance if he didn't stop and spend more time at home with his daughter. Silent Knight agreed. But, his time at home only magnified the rift between he and his wife. He was emotionally unavailable and Falcon Fury was growing bored with family life. She took flight for excitement and left Felicity in his care.

         Patrick was the fourth child born to Emerald Enchantress and Silent Knight.

           Silent Knight met Emerald Enchantress after her people arrived from another dimension and revealed their magical society to the Alliance. Her knowledge of the past events in the Gauntlet were minimal and this brought comfort to Silent Knight. She was someone he could love without the worry of his past poisoning that love. Someone he could trust, someone he could start over with. Because of the nature of her magical order, their hero work existed on a universal level, requiring her to travel between dimensions for months, sometimes years at a time. And sometimes, too far for even her magic to carry Silent Knight with her.

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Silent Knight

I decided to revisit an old super hero idea of mine... 

           Silent Knight is an aging character hybrid between Batman and Ironman. With the help of his past military connections, he develops the mechanical stealth suit later in life when his body isn't as strong as it used to be. Although, he doesn't have super powers, he is the father and grandfather of both super heroes and villains. Most of which, resent him for their neglected childhood. But, he's lived the life of a lone wolf for so long now, it does not bother him anymore. So, he puts on a suit and goes to work.

I was playing with the design of the blast flames to show that they would be more like a type of energized particle displacer. So, the after burn wouldn't actually produce heat or noise, just an ultra-violet light.

I designed a ghost flame on top of the helmet to resemble the plume that stuck out of the top of old knight helmets. I added the shield and lance to try to complete the entire image of an old knight.

some other suit ideas that I tried.

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playing around with the idea of a life linked by a pharaoh and an astronaut. 

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Thunder-cats : The Sabertooth Clan

Within the theme of redesigning the original thunder cats, I thought, what about designing their ancestral predecessors from pre-historic ages. The Sabertooth Clan

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I caught a couple episodes of the 2011 thunder-cats  re-boot and it made me feel like designing some of the characters my way.

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Acrylic and gouache dragon

Fairy Shaman

Fairy concepts

 Vigilante Old Man concepts

1930's Vigilante concept

Bird Growth Stages 

 Impoverished Rats

Russian Dolls

Black Forrest

Yuriy Norshteyn (hedgehog in the fog)